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January 2012
Date Sr. No. Topic Resource
The Poetics of Painting
07 1 Ajanta Murals and Chitrasutra
of the Vishnu Dharmottara Purana
Dr. Parul Dave Mukherji
14 1 Collection of Leaves The Dignity of Measured Rhythmic
Tread in Early Jain and Buddhist Manuscripts
  Dr. Shridhar Andhare
2 The Courtly Bibliographic Tradition in the Sultanate Period:
a) Timurid and Persian Links.
b) The Indigenous Chaurapanchashika
3 Paintings from Rajasthan and Thikanas
21 1 The Imperial Library of the Great Mughal:
The Myriad Worlds of Biographic Pageantry, Realistic
Portraiture and the Concern for Naturalism
  Ms. Roda Ahluwalia
2 The Eloquence of Illustrated Narratives in the Mughal Ateliers:
Benchmarkers of Refinement and Sophistication
3 Sub-Imperial or Provincial Mughal: The Search, The Context
28 1 The Sultans of the Deccan and their Artists:
Scanning the Heights of Fantasy with a Direct Gaze and
Rare Sensitivity
  Ms. Roda Ahluwalia
2 Lyrical Visions from the Hills
Pahari Painting and its Masters

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